Masz problem z wyborem idealnego zestawu do swojego roweru elektrycznego? A może nie masz pewności czy to najlepsze wybór? W przypadku jakichkolwiek wątpliwości serdecznie zapraszamy do kontaktu - pomożemy, doradzimy, a w razie usterek służymy dodatkowym wsparciem, aby jak najszybciej rozwiązać problem. Zależy nam na komforcie naszych Klientów i właśnie z tego względu jesteśmy do Państwa dyspozycji w każdej sprawie.

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Having trouble choosing the perfect kit for your e-bike? Or maybe you are not sure if this is the best choice? In case of any doubts, please contact us - we will help, advise and in case of faults, we provide additional support to solve the problem as soon as possible. We care about the comfort of our clients and that is why we are at your disposal in every matter.

Aku Bike - Magazyn

ul. Chrobrego 36
Kobylanka 73-108

721 444 446

What to do if the display in the controller does not turn on?

The first step should be to make sure the battery is working and properly connected. If there is still a problem with the display after starting it, check it with a different battery. In case you purchased the battery pack comes from our distributor, you will need to contact him. When all the actions did not bring the desired result, use the complaint form below.

Be contact us send a message to biuro@akubike.com or call 721444446

What does the error in the display mean?

  • 01info (shifter fault) - check the connection of the shifter (disconnect it)

  • 03info (hall sensor malfunction) - check the driver-motor connection (disconnect the plug)

  • 04info (torque sensor fault) - use the form

  • 06info (short circuit in the motor or controller) - check the driver-motor connection (disconnect the connection), check if there are any visible damage to the cable

  • e05 (driver fault) - check the driver-motor connection (disconnect the plug)

  • e08 - complaint form

What to do if the engine runs erratically?

  • Check if the problem is on the PAS / shifter

What if the display goes blank?

  • Check that the battery is properly connected.

  • Check battery charge.

What makes driving noise?

  • Check the tension of the spokes
    • Check the tightness of the cassette
    • Does it make noise without pedaling

Why is the engine overheating?

  • Incorrect usage

Why does an electric bike have a slow top speed?

  • Check the settings (wheel size, number of magnets) - check the instructions

  • Check with a fully charged battery

What to do when the LED on the charger is off?

  • Check the cord in charger

  • Check in a different socket

Why is the battery switch or USB port not working?

  • No battery voltage

What could be causing the wheel to focus?

  • Check the spoke tension

  • Check if the rim has mechanical damage

  • Check the tightening / mounting of the wheel in the bicycle frame

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